Old Town Alexandria Engagement

Katelynn and Aaron are recently engaged and decided to celebrate their love with their up in Old Town by the waterfront. The morning light kept our summer session cool and enjoyable, and the patriotic displays and cobblestone streets gave us the perfect backdrop for these two Government Studies alumni.

I met Katelynn when I was in school with her at Appalachian State, and we’ve stayed connected through the years through friends! It was so much fun walking around the waterfront with her, Aaron, and their little pup Klaus. Everyone should take a page out of their book and always bring their dog to their session!

Waterfalls & Wet Ground

Erin, Will and I hiked through the woods while Erin wore a gorgeous lace dress & Etsy veil as she climbed trees and stumps and anything else I asked her to do! I love all my brides - but the adventurous ones like Erin really lead to some cool photo ops. Will and her were fearless and loving the misty wet January weather.

Did I mention that they got their wedding date tattooed on after we went for beers and chicken wings?! #coolestelopementever

All the Golden Light

So Maddie & Mitchell had the dreamiest outdoor wedding with 200 of their family and friends back in September. I had the privilege of photographing their wedding AND their rehearsal dinner the night before. It was a southern summer night in early September - and definitely one to remember.

Yep, they had the coolest cake ever.

Yep, they had the coolest cake ever.


I went to college with Maddie and it was so wonderful to capture her rehearsal dinner at Mitchell’s parent’s Southport home + their ceremony. The weather was warm and breezy, and the sun was shining the whole weekend! Maddie’s closest friend from college was her maid of honor, and Mitchell’s best man was his brother. We all danced and drank and ate until well after the sun went down both nights.


I can’t wait until I get to travel for another wedding like theirs. The support and love shone by their family and friends was exactly what anyone would want their wedding day. Oh, & Southport - I N C R E D I B L E !

{Ring}ing in the New Year

- Outdoor engagement sessions are among my favorite things -

I've known Maddie for about 4 or 5 years now. We were in the same sorority in college; and when she was searching for a photographer in the Maryland area - me being in Northern Virginia worked out great!

The first things she said to me was "Mitchell hates photos," as do most {all} of us! Our session turned out to be fun, relaxed, and pretty much a perfect 45 minutes! I never feel the need to take longer than an hour for a typical portrait session. I like to make my clients feel relaxed and comfortable, and most people aren't dying to be photographed for hours at a time!

Don't get me wrong, I can photograph you for hours and hours because I LOVE my job; but I want, most importantly, for my clients to be happy and comfortable in front of the camera and in front of me. Maddie & Mitchell & I had such a fun time walking around this Christmas Tree farm - and my goal is to make every session feel that way!


Baby, It's Cold Outside

Whew am I BEHIND?!

I'm so sorry guys - I've been terrible about my blogging because of grad school, Christmas, New Years, moving, and LOTS of shooting! At the end of last year I got to take some precious photos of my dear friend's little 6-month-old sweetheart & her sassy little cousin! Lilac & Cleo were an absolute blast, and it was my first baby-sesh as well; which made it evens sweeter.

Due to it being Christmas-themed, lots of red, green, and ornaments fill these frames. The babies were in a good mood and I was able to bond with them - and it was my first time meeting Lilah since she was born! Her mom, Bianca, was a friend of mine from college, and I was over-the-moon when she asked to photograph her little one! I cannot wait to do it again. Next time maybe we'll do a spring-themed shoot with lots of pink, flowers, and of course, more pearls! 

Grant & Allison

Grant and Allison were such a BLAST! 

Recently, I took some photos of them in downtown Concord, North Carolina. It's the cute little town that I grew up in and have done a decent amount of shoots in. It's a fun and quaint place with a few pretty streets, murals, and hidden alleyways - just like any other tiny southern town.

The difference is, this one made me. It raised me up to be the woman I am today. It's the place a was raised in, the place I went to school in, the place I made lasting friends in, and the place I truly developed my love for photography in.

Grant and Allison are not just any married couple. They're goofy, unique, and very much in love; but they're also the reason I am becoming a successful photographer. Grant is a full time professional photographer and he does wood-working on the side. He shoots his weddings and sessions alone (meaning without a second shooter), and he works full-time for Dream On 3 in Charlotte, NC. He inspires me with education, good equipment prices, and encouragement when the struggles of building a business out of a passion seem trivial. These two mean a lot to me, and the fact that I was lucky enough to photograph them together in our hometown meant the world to me.

So cheers, & many thanks to Grant and Allison!


{The rest of their album will be in the Portraits section. I'd lOVE for you to check it out!}


Mike and Rachel Plus One

Mike and Rachel are my dear friends; and their shoot was special not only because it was a maternity shoot, but because it was my FIRST maternity shoot.

I'm a self-taught photographer. I spend hours and hours reading blogs and Adobe's tip sites and messaging other photographers for help and advice as often as I can (if I've bugged you guys before and you're now checking out my page, thanks a million:))

I learned how to use my camera in manual about two years ago, and I took a beginner class while I was still in college to help me refine those skills even more - but since then I've pushed myself to  be better with the people I work with. It doesn't matter how well you know your camera if your subjects are uninterested, or worse - not having fun.

Photography is my greatest gift - and it makes all the work worth it when you have amazing clients and friends like Mike and Rachel. I am truly blessed to have met them and am so appreciative that they put up with me on my first shoot! I am so pleased with the result. They're so in love with the little boy they're having and it really came through in the photos. My time with Mike and Rachel and their little one-to-be was a dream!


"The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart." 

— Helen Keller


To see the rest of their session, check out 'Children & Family & other special moments.'

To see the rest of their session, check out 'Children & Family & other special moments.'


Traveling is my greatest love.

It's the thing I think God has created me to do, other than photography. It opens my perspective about live and allows me to change and grow according to his will.

So far I've been to more countries than U.S. states - but I'm working to even the scale a little this year!

The country list so far consists of: England, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, France ( lived here for 5 months in college and I'm absolutely dying to move back), & Canada.

My favorite U.S. state has to be Washington. My grandparents live there, and my family loves to visit every chance they get; but as natives of Charleston, SC, we thrive between visits to the beach, and visits to the rainiest state in the country. God gives me life, and travel is one of the many reasons He has showed me what living is really like. My photos are an extension of my heart, so hopefully soon I'll uncover another one of his great wonders.

Here are some photos from my most recent trip to Cologne, Germany;Whirral, England; & Dublin, Ireland.


A girl & her dog.

My roommate is the absolute best. She let's me photograph her any time I need, even if it means getting up at 5am to go shooting.

Janna Van der Hoven & her Australian Shepherd pup, Rhaegar, got ready and went with me to George Mason University to shoot her graduation photos. She had to work later that day- and the downside (also an upside!) to photography is that lighting is everything.

So she woke up at 5:30am, got herself and the dog ready to go, I grabbed my camera and some treats, and we set off for campus to capture her shining moment. The end result was well worth it. 


Being a photographer is about finding the most beautiful parts of people and putting them on display.

Although photography is a visual sport, it's an art that is expressed differently depending on who's behind the lens.

Last summer, my stunning aunt married her soul mate. Norman and Elizabeth allowed me to shoot them alongside their incredibly talented photographer, Michael Stadler of Whidbey Island. The lighting, the venue, and the Bride were all absolutely stunning, and with my upcoming weddings booked in 2018 (so stoked!) I feel ready to enter this new chapter in my creative expression.