Grant & Allison

Grant and Allison were such a BLAST! 

Recently, I took some photos of them in downtown Concord, North Carolina. It's the cute little town that I grew up in and have done a decent amount of shoots in. It's a fun and quaint place with a few pretty streets, murals, and hidden alleyways - just like any other tiny southern town.

The difference is, this one made me. It raised me up to be the woman I am today. It's the place a was raised in, the place I went to school in, the place I made lasting friends in, and the place I truly developed my love for photography in.

Grant and Allison are not just any married couple. They're goofy, unique, and very much in love; but they're also the reason I am becoming a successful photographer. Grant is a full time professional photographer and he does wood-working on the side. He shoots his weddings and sessions alone (meaning without a second shooter), and he works full-time for Dream On 3 in Charlotte, NC. He inspires me with education, good equipment prices, and encouragement when the struggles of building a business out of a passion seem trivial. These two mean a lot to me, and the fact that I was lucky enough to photograph them together in our hometown meant the world to me.

So cheers, & many thanks to Grant and Allison!


{The rest of their album will be in the Portraits section. I'd lOVE for you to check it out!}