Traveling is my greatest love.

It's the thing I think God has created me to do, other than photography. It opens my perspective about live and allows me to change and grow according to his will.

So far I've been to more countries than U.S. states - but I'm working to even the scale a little this year!

The country list so far consists of: England, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, France ( lived here for 5 months in college and I'm absolutely dying to move back), & Canada.

My favorite U.S. state has to be Washington. My grandparents live there, and my family loves to visit every chance they get; but as natives of Charleston, SC, we thrive between visits to the beach, and visits to the rainiest state in the country. God gives me life, and travel is one of the many reasons He has showed me what living is really like. My photos are an extension of my heart, so hopefully soon I'll uncover another one of his great wonders.

Here are some photos from my most recent trip to Cologne, Germany;Whirral, England; & Dublin, Ireland.