Baby, It's Cold Outside

Whew am I BEHIND?!

I'm so sorry guys - I've been terrible about my blogging because of grad school, Christmas, New Years, moving, and LOTS of shooting! At the end of last year I got to take some precious photos of my dear friend's little 6-month-old sweetheart & her sassy little cousin! Lilac & Cleo were an absolute blast, and it was my first baby-sesh as well; which made it evens sweeter.

Due to it being Christmas-themed, lots of red, green, and ornaments fill these frames. The babies were in a good mood and I was able to bond with them - and it was my first time meeting Lilah since she was born! Her mom, Bianca, was a friend of mine from college, and I was over-the-moon when she asked to photograph her little one! I cannot wait to do it again. Next time maybe we'll do a spring-themed shoot with lots of pink, flowers, and of course, more pearls!