How to photograph a puppy

Step 1: Don't.

Kidding, always photograph as many dogs as you possibly can. They usually don't listen, and it's almost impossible to get them to look at the camera sometimes; but the photographs you get of the pure, innocent, furry happiness is priceless.

Here are some photographs of Rhaegar, the Australian Shepherd. He's extremely stubborn, but extremely cute as well- so he makes up for it! 

With dogs, you have to move with them. You can't expect them to always listen or pay attention, so sometimes you have to get down on the ground, and "do as the dogs do." Your clothes may get dirty, and you may get dog slobber all over your lens; but man, the moments you capture with them are too wonderful to forget. So here's Rhaegar, the 5 month old wiggle-butt.